Our members have a voice in directing the future of the TNQ region & with their contributions help us to secure sustainable prosperity for generations to come.

By supporting the work of Advance Cairns, our members share a common concern and interest in the development of our region, and the collective efforts of agencies and organisations to a common purpose brings economic benefit to us all.

We are a diverse region, with significant capacity and potential. We are also faced with challenges, some of which are unique to our region. Our role is to realise our potential and work to mitigate and overcome the challenges we face.

The important promotion of our region to Government in Brisbane and Canberra supports our work and brings a collective and coherent voice to issues of concern.

This is critical in achieving success in our endeavours.

Advance Cairns hosts a number of events throughout the year for our members, and provides exclusive benefits in attendance at other key events. Our members take pride in their membership and proudly display this as their commitment to the development of our region.

Our membership is limited, also demonstrating the important part our members play in the community.

Participation and contribution demonstrates the value and commitment of your organisation to our economy.

Please view and/or download our membership prospectus for more information, or contact our team to organise a discussion on membership of Advance Cairns.


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