Advance Cairns is the region’s peak independent non-government advocacy and economic development organisation
working to ensure a strong and prosperous Tropical North Queensland


Our members have a voice in directing the future of the TNQ region & with their contributions help us to secure sustainable prosperity for generations to come.

By supporting the work of Advance Cairns, our members share a common concern and interest in the development of our region, and the collective efforts of agencies and organisations to a common purpose brings economic benefit to us all.

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Lights on or off ahead

Followers of this column will be familiar with my ongoing view that we are paying too high a price, socially and financially, for energy. South Australians pay the highest prices in the world for an unreliable system and Queenslanders are not far behind - although our systems are more robust. There is no choice here when it comes to our power, unless of course we go off grid. We have to deal with Ergon, so the government de facto calls the shots.

Upcoming Events

Advance Cairns runs regular events for members and stakeholders across the region that aim to inform and catalyse debate around our advocacy issues and provide members with latest information on industry and regional developments.

Events include member only forums, networking sundowners, special event luncheons such as annual Budget Lunch with the Treasurer and industry forums.

Our Infrastructure and Policy advocacy positions are available now.

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