Cairns Shipping Development

Project Description

The Cairns Shipping Development Project (CSDP) is a critical enabler of tourism, trade and defence for the region.  The CSDP aims to develop port infrastructure to secure a greater share of the lucrative international cruise ship market, enhance naval capacity and improve port efficiencies.

 Cruise shipping has grown significantly in Australia in recent years both in frequency of activity and size of vessels.  The CSDP will improve port infrastructure including channel capacity to support and grow the cruise ship industry including the lucrative international market and enable growth for HMAS Cairns with significant benefits to the local economy and the Queensland cruise industry.

 At a cost of $120 million the CSDP will provide significant economic benefits delivering more than $848.6 million to the region and generating around 800 new direct and indirect jobs during construction and more than 2,730 on completion

 Ports North is a Queensland Government Owned Corporation responsible for the development and management of the declared Port of Cairns and responsible for the Cairns Shipping Project delivery. 


Ports North have completed a comprehensive Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Project which was accepted in December 2017 as the final EIS for assessment by the Queensland Co-ordinator General.  The Co-ordinator General will now review the EIS and prepare an evaluation report in relation to the granting of environmental approval for the project to proceed.  Building Queensland is completing a detailed business case for the project.

The next phase of the project will include detailed planning associated with the delivery of the Project including funding, detailed design, approvals and construction.


Prioritise Cairns Port infrastructure as a strategic investment in the regional economy enabling long-term sustained growth for tourism, Navy, port and service industries.  Commit to this $1billion industry by supporting Ports North in the delivery of the CSDP.


CEO, Advance Cairns
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PROPONENT: Advance Cairns
PRIORITY: Infrastructure
STATE ELECTORATES: Cairns, Barron River, Mulgrave
FEDERAL ELECTORATE: Leichhardt, Kennedy