The Framework

Roadmap 2034: A Framework to Strengthen FNQ

We are pleased to announce the development of The Roadmap 2034: A Framework to Strengthen FNQ (The Framework), a comprehensive ten-year strategic plan aimed at driving progress and prosperity in Far North Queensland.

We are actively engaging with a broad spectrum of key stakeholders including state and local governments, economic development agencies, industry leaders, and industry expert members. Through these consultations, we are shaping a strategic blueprint that will address the region’s challenges and capitalise on its opportunities.

The Framework will focus on key integrated themes of:

  1. Liveability
  2. Our Place in the Region
  3. Sustainability
  4. Diversification and Innovation
  5. Jobs and Skills

This will provide a high-level roadmap for Advance Cairns and our members to pursue a collective ten-year vision – in partnership with other key regional stake holders – to achieve the region’s ambition and build a sustainable future to unlock the region’s potential.

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